Jamaica is a tropical place where most of the time the sun is shining and it is hot.

The temperature oscillates around 30°C. Therefore, be sure to protect yourself against the stroke and other illnesses you are exposed to in the sun. Skin protection, drinking plenty of fluids and hat are the basic preventive measures. The best remedy for sunburn is a fat obtained directly from fresh aloe, grows wild and you will find it without major problems.


The climate is conducive to spending most of the year. In Jamaica there is no division into the seasons, as in our climate.

The annual average temperature is about 27°C on the coast and about 20°C
in mountains.

Up to 10°C the temperature drops only at the summits of the Blue Mountains.

Feeling temperature is the lowest in winter when Jamaica has a dry period, but it
is hot in the humid summer. The tourist season lasts all year round, while the best time to visit is the widely understood Polish winter. Tropical hurricanes, and their most active season falls in the months of July through September. In May, there
are very heavy rains changing in a few minutes in the rushing river.

I know that, because I found myself in the middle of such a newly created river from Ochio Rios to Treasure Beach.

The peak season is from December to February.

We encourage you to visit small villages and towns where tourists have
not changed their local customs and habits, where they can integrate with the
local population and enjoy the real Jamaican.


After the original settlers of Jamaica, the Taino Indians, there is no trace in culture, customs, tradition and everyday life. These Indians were completely annihilated
by the Spanish invaders, and the present Jamaica is Cultural crucible, first the pirates, the slaves and the occupying forces formed the basis - first the Spaniards, then the English.


There is a different label and customs in each community and country. Respect
in Jamaica is very important. Even the tiresome taunts small street vendors
with "super special offer for you" should be answered and do not show impatience or anger.

A smile and a polite but firm, "I'm not interested" to someone who is nagging
you all time to buy something, this will be much better accepted than ignoring
which can be seen as a lack of respect.

The residents often direct themselves the word "Respect" with a distinctive accent.

mieszkańcy wyspy jamajka
kultura na jamajce

People here are very open, friendly and polite, Do not take any bait to treat
as a scam or make money on you. Jamaicans are very curious about our person, they want to talk, welcome us with nice "Welcome to Jamaica", help you and make sure all is well - so normally, selflessly.

The Jamaicans are self-confident, proud, polite and helpful.

They like to tell stories with rum, dancing and listening to music, and play dominoes. Therefore before coming to Jamaica is worth practicing this game. It is almost
a national bar entertainment.

By the way, you can make friends and spend a great time.

Despite such a positive attitude, In Jamaica, there are also thieves, gangsters
and rapists.

The principle of limited trust will certainly not harm you, and own intuition
is irreplaceable.

Jamaicans live slowly and sluggishly, here life flows at a rate of "soon come". Therefore complaints in the restaurant for a long wait, in line to the cash
or showing impatience to taxi driver waiting for passengers on the set,
or other attempts to chase the Jamaicans in their current activities, they
may encounter a lack of understanding, and certainly will be unsuccessful.

In the villages and places rarely visited by tourists greet well encountered

with residents a simple "hello", "bless", "respect", etc.

Taking pictures of Jamaican people with surprise often causes their protest.
It is good to make sure that the person does not mind. Rather, for sure you
will get such approval.

jamajka sposób życia powolnie i leniwie


Planning your trip in addition to your packed suitcase, passport and sightseeing plan, or a total reset I recommend taking a good education and open your head to other cultures and behavioral standards.

To the restaurant we should not come in wearing the beach dress only,

putting on a t-shirt is a good practice. This does not apply to beach bars.

In addition, sometimes on the beach sunbathing topless is possible.
But is good if we are not all alone. There are other norms of sexuality than in Europe. Not always intense attentiveness of Jamaican can be accepted by you.

Jamaica - according to world opinion and imagination is a country where marijuana is firmly rooted in culture, and regularly uses more than half of the population.

It is accepted by most social groups, for rastafarians is sacred herb.

Please note, however, that until recently it was completely illegal in Jamaica.


February 25th, 2015r. The House of Representatives of Jamaica has adopted

a law that decriminates the possession of up to two ounces (56.7g) of marijuana.

This is a big change!

The new law contains restrictions legalizing the cultivation of up to five plants

for personal use, and establishes rules concerning cultivation and distribution

of marijuana for medical purposes, religious and natural development.