Travel tip 1

Take a UV filter in matching degree of protection for your skin. In Jamaica, the sun is wonderful, but over dosed without protection can burn sunbathers.
It is better to take sun baths more often during the day, in less sun exposure and do not burn.
In the case of sunburn - the locals kindly will provide aloe leaves, which, when peeled from the rind or sliced can lubricate sensitive skin and thus go down and relieve pain and redness.

porada filtr uv wakacje na jamajce
porada spray na komary off wycieczka na jamajkę

Travel tip 2

Take along with you the bug spray or buy OFF in any pharmacy or village shop  with 1001 trinkets. Because in paradise also living krwiożercy = mosquitoes. Their feeding times are  up to 6 am and up to 6 pm, like clockwork,
Then, before the output of the apply on the skin spray, insert a long light trousers, mosquitoes "like" bare skin and dark colors of clothes. But honestly mosquitoes is not good advice.

Travel tip 3

If you are traveling to Jamaica outside of major cities, do not forget to take your pocket flashlight.
In indigenous towns there are several street lamps, and how to "turn off" the sun well to light up yourself under the feet - the roads in Jamaica are of different species, taken in all sizes of hollows and holes.

porada kieszonkowa latarka wycieczka na jamajkę
porada ubranie wycieczka na jamajkę

Travel tip 4

What clothes to take? Generally not much, for ladies beach dresses and straps, t-shirts, shorts, one pair of long trousers and a pareo as a beach dress and evening dresses will be useful, because sometimes there is a cool breeze. In stores you can buy a variety of shirts printed with the name of Reggae King and other clothes with national colors of Jamaica.
In May there are heavy rains, the roads in a minute turn into rushing streams - literally, I took part in it, so umbrellas are not in fashion, unless as a cover of the sun.
Slippers and one more full shoes will be useful for a tour of the Blue Mountains or footwear to walk on rocks, perfect for climbing the boulders of a waterfall.

Travel tip 5

You will need one ubiquitous  beach bag or comfortable backpack for trips. You can take your favorite bag or buy an island bag with Jamaican styling in one of the local shops.

porada torba plecak wycieczka na jamajkę
porada czas cierpliwość wakacje na jamajce

Travel tip 6

Leave a fast running time and impatience at home before departure, at least eventually at Montego Bay Airport. Do not take it with you on vacation! The difference of the time zone is depending on the time of the year 6-7 hours "backwards" in relation to the time in Poland.
On this fabulous island, time is ruled by its laws .. it slows down ... so do not get upset or nervous. And do not show impatience to the residents, such as the cashier ... she has .. a lot of time, every action is done very carefully and without hurry. And so she will smile beautifully to you.
Displaying nervousness ex. such as driving in the cashier or to taxi driver ... [see article] is a great disrespect - very badly seen.

Travel tip 7

Very important - do not forget to take your camera and adapter to the wall outlet.
You can also buy such an adapter in every supermarket.

porada aparat fotograficzny zdjęcia wycieczka na jamajkę

Travel tip 8

Important for callers to Polish. It is best to use instant messengers such as WhatsUp or Messenger FB in places with WIFI. Phone calls via standard line cost about 10PLN /minute.