In September 1961, a Jamaican flag competition was announced.
There were 360 projects submitted, but no one liked the government.

The current flag was designed by the Jamaican parliament. It was adopted on August 6, 1962, on the day of its independence.

Individual colors symbolize:

Black symbolizes difficulty to overcome, triangle and inverted Czech triangle indicate
for their essence and self-discipline to deal with obstacles,

Green symbolizes nature, agriculture and hope for a bright future,

Gold intertwining green, means the beauty of Jamaica, natural resources
and noble ideals.

Jamais are very proud of their flag. They are useing these colors in their daily outfits. At every opportunity they carry a tag with a flag in the car. At frequent reggae parties, they are keen to demonstrate their belonging and pride to the Jamaican, wearing beads, bracelets, t-shirts, all in yellow-green-yellow.