Jamaican motto is "Out of Many - One People" based on the multiracial nature
of the Jamaican population, it means: "From many nations - one."

The motto is represented on the ribbon at the bottom of the silver shield
of the coat of arms,

Here there is a red cross, and on it five gold pineapple fruit. On both sides
of the shield we see a pair of indigenous people from the island, Arawak.
Man with bow and woman with fruit basket, members of tribe Taino.

The crest is full of symbols. A basket full of fruits means hospitality towards tourists. Pineapples are the symbol of agriculture - the basic branch of the economy.
And in the jewel there is an alligator on the black beam. In the myths of some peoples of Central America an aligator is attributed to the creation of the world.

Coat of Arms given on 3 February 1663. It was given to Jamaica by the United Kingdom as one of the first colonial states under its rule. It was modified
in 1957 and 1962.