Tree is a native species on the island and grows quite quickly, often reaching
20m (66ft) height or more. It is often used for afforestation areas.

The tree is very attractive with its simple trunk, broad green leaves and
hibiscus-like flowers. Attractive flower changes color as matures, going from
pale yellow to orange, red and finally to crimson.

Mahoe's name comes from the Indian word Carib - Blue. Name refers to blue-green streaks in polished wood, giving it a distinctive appearance. Blue Mahoe is so beautiful and durable that it is widely used in the manufacture of cabinets, as well as for the production of decorative items such as picture frames, bowls and other sculptural elements.

Curio - the inner bark of the tree is often referred to as the "bark of Cuba" since
it was previously used to tie cigars to Havana.