Hummingbirds only occur in Jamaica in about 320 species, where they are considered one of the symbols of this country. This bird is tiny and reaches
a body weight of up to 5g. Body length up to 8cm, tail length about 17cm.


The male has a long, pointed beak, red with a black tip, which makes it easy
to reach the deep chalice of flowers. The hummingbird is easy to learn after
long tail feathers and glossy green plumage. During the flight, the males make
a buzzing sound. It is triggered by the air flowing through the inner tail feathers.


The female is smaller than male and the bottom of her body is white. The tail feathers are shorter, ends with white tips. These birds move their wings at great speed. They are waving them 22-78 times per second.


The beautiful hummingbird pen does not have a counterpart in the entire bird population and gives the iridescent colors characteristic only of this family.

Ian Fleming described the black-headed hummingbird in "For Your Eyes Only"
in one of the James Bond stories:

"The body is so dazzlingly emerald green,
that when the sun falls on his chest it makes him the greenest thing in nature."

Beautiful, is not it?


This bird was also the object of superstition. The Arawaks were convinced that the hummingbird had magical power. They called him "God the bird" believing that
he is a reincarnation of dead souls.


In Jamaica, the bird is called a doctor bird, because its two feather pens are associated with the old-fashioned frock coats, worn by doctors.

For years, the bird's doctor has been immortalized in Jamaican folklore and folk songs.


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Jamaican Independence, the hummingbird as a logo decorated the banners during the celebration of this holiday on August 6, 2012.