The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, does not recommend any additional vaccination for people visiting Jamaica

The websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inform us that: "No vaccinations are required or recommended if tourists come to Jamaica directly from Poland. A visit to a private doctor costs $ 60. Emergency Telephone Number - 119 .. "

There are no endangered tropical diseases like malaria. Colds or runny cold run in the way we know and treated like polopirin or its derivatives. Pharmacies are generally available.


  • hepatitis A (hepatitis A) - recommended
  • hepatitis B (hepatitis B) - recommended
  • Yellow fever (yellow fever) - not necessary
  • BTP (fiber, tetanus, polio) - recommended
  • Abdominal diarrhea (typhus) - recommended
  • Rabies - not necessary
  • Japanese encephalitis - not necessary
  • Meningo-koki (a + c) - not necessary
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