Basic information

Country: Jamaica
Capital: Kingston
Population: 2.711.476 (2012)
Area: 10.991 km2
Independence: 6. 08. 1962
Highest point: Blue Mountain Peak (2,256 m)
GDP: $ 8,916 (IMF, 2012)
Currency: Jamaican Dollar (JMD)
Code: JM (JAM)
Phone number: +1 876
Internet domain: .jm


podstawowe informacje o jamajce
kultura na jamajce


The influence of the Jamaican culture was influenced by the many communities that settled here. There are African, Arab, European (Spanish Town, Spaniards), Chinese, East Indies or Eastern Mediterranean. But most of the culture, language and customs were influenced by British occupation, lasting 300 years. Jamaica is associated primarily with reggae music. It combines traditional Jamaican rhythms with African music. It was known in the tribes that set the rhythm of the kong, or instrument that is the primary in reggae music. They were accompanied by rhythms of drums and riffs. The lyrics of the song dealt with the difficult situation of black life. This type of music has been spread all over the world, and this is the merit of Bob Marley, whose tracks have followed another fascinated by reggae music, including Peter Tosh, John Nash, Joe Higgs and Jimmy Cliff.

Holidays and interesting events

Jamaica is attractive at any time of year and certainly when you stay on this fascinating island we will not be bored. Jamaicans like to play and if they have time (often work in the field, many people find employment in tourism or construction) they give themselves entertainment. During the year there are many musical, artistic, cultural and sports events. Join the reggae music festival, held in February or August, or in the carnival, which is held annually in the capital, Kingston. The carnival was taken over from the islands of the Eastern Caribbean and although Jamaica has been organized since 1991, it has become the largest tourist attraction. At the Carnival, which takes place in mid-April, everyone strives to present themselves in the most colorful and crazy costumes. The whole event lasts several days, and each day is different and unique.

święta oraz wydarzenia na jamajce


Jamaists celebrate many Christian holidays. During Christmas there is no shortage of prayer, worship, carols, candles and concerts.

At the same time there is also the Jonkon Festival, which was created for slaves who were free that day.

Festival dancers wear costumes of cows, devils, horses, warriors and the most powerful of the participants is played in the form of Pichta-Pachta. This costume is made of belts cut from colored canvas and from leaves. The warrior wears a heart made of cardboard, which is covered with foil, coral and a silver sword. On his head is a conical hat with a bunch of feathers and numerous decorations: mirrors, cuttings, old photos. The basic attribute of the devil are the fork and the bell, which are worn by the cow's neck, the costume is black.

While in Poland the basic Christmas dish is fish under every shape, Jamaican holidays can not be without a ham. This is the basic Christmas gift. At first she was smoked over fire, richly pimento. You can not go around without a Christmas pudding, which is made by every person who values your house. You should think about it for a few weeks before Christmas, because then you have to dip the fruit in rum or wine.

święta publiczne na jamajce

Public holidays

New Year - January 1
Bob Marley's Birthday - February 6
Ash Wednesday - moving holiday, February
Good Friday and Easter Monday - March and April
Labor Day - May 23
Jamaican Emancipation Day - August 1
Independence Day - 6th of August
Labor Day - September
National Heroes Day - October 20
Christmas - 25-26 December.


Next to the state holidays in the Jamaica calendar

You can find very important, organized with extraordinary momentum
festivities and various festivals. e.g:

Maroon Festival in Accompong - January 6
Presentation of the achievements of the Jamaican Dance School - Kingston - January
Celebrations of Bob Marley's birthday - Reggae Sunsplash Festival, Ocho Rois - February
University of West Indies Carnival, Kingston - February
JAMI - Jamaican music industry awards, Kingston - March
Spring Orchid Holidays - Kingston - March
Spring Festival of Craft at Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios, Ew. Devon House, Kingston – April
Portland Flower Festival - Crystal Spring - May
Ocho Rios Jazz Festival - performances of jazz stars from all over the world - June
Dance Festival at the National Dance Theater - Kingston - July
International Reggae Day - Bob Marley Museum - St. Andrew - a festival of concerts and shows, selling art works - July
Show in Denbigh, May Pen - August

atrakcje karnawały festiwale na jamajce
atrakcje karnawały festiwale na jamajce

Independence Day, Kingston - August 6
Reggae Sumfest - Montego Bay, a five day reggae and rasta music festival. It's here every year that artists from all over the world come to listen to the music that the Jamaican Bob Marley made famous all over the world. The main venue for the festival is the Bob Marley Entertainmant Center; You can get information about all the festivals and buy tickets.
Octoberfest - Kingston - October
Jazz Festival - Montego Bay - October
African dance shows and drums - Negril - October
Autumn Craft Festival - Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios - November
Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival - James Bond Beach, Orabessca - November. This is a truly amazing event where bands from all over the world come to showcase their music and give themselves a lot of energy.
Best of the best - Harmony Hall - Ocho Rios - December


Jak widać, na Jamajce praktycznie o każdej porze roku odbywają się interesujące imprezy, dlatego też podczas pobytu na wyspie z całą pewnością spędzicie niezapomniany czas.

Podczas pobytu na Jamajce jeśli chcecie zadzwonić do Europy najlepiej korzystać z wifi dostępnych free w restauracjach lub domach gościnnych, w których będziecie Państwo zameldowani. Innym rozwiązaniem jest zakup karty telefonicznej (ważnej przez 3 kolejne miesiące). Ale zakupu może dokonać dla was zaprzyjaźniony tubylec, osoba z paszportem jamajskim, na swoje nazwisko. Ale jako turysta nie mamy takich możliwości. Jako consierge personalny możemy zapewnić taką usługę.