The main attraction of Ocho Rios are Dunn's River Falls, a 180-meter cascade of waterfalls.

Flowing out of tree-lined limestone cliffs overgrown with lush vegetation, since the time when Spaniards reached the island, they invariably delight the visitors.

At the entrance to their area there was a huge park with bars, souvenir stalls and sculptors' shops. The greatest tradition of Dunn's River Falls is climbing cascades.
From the slope, one descends to the tunnel by the A1 road to the beaches, where you can leave your clothes and valuables in the locker. Next you need to buy a ticket entitling you to enter the park with a guide (the cost of an adult ticket is $ 15). The guide, no matter whether official or not, to help climb the top of the waterfall, will be waiting for a tip.

Therefore, nobody will be surprised at the sight of the 'guardian' with dreadlocks, hanging with cameras, leading the castle of tourists in bathing suits on the rocks.

Dunn's River Falls jamajka jamaicayesi
Dunn's River Falls jamajka jamaicayesi

Remember to climb slowly and watch where your feet are. The rocks are slippery in places, and the current can be so strong that it can cut the legs. You will need special shoes for walking on the rocks in the water.

Fortunately, there are several places along the way, from where you can get to the dry land, in case the climbing becomes too tiring. Or you can take off from the next "floor". Dunn's River Falls are one of the most famous attractions of the island, so you can expect crowds, but you should see the cascade and the sandy beach below. The view is amazing! They are open every day from 9:00 to 17:00


For many people, the dream holiday is a rest at the hotel pool, clean beach or a colorful drink.

Others prefer to spend their holidays visiting monuments, wandering charming streets and tasting excellent cuisine. There are also those for whom attractions on land are definitely not enough and decide to go deep into the sea.

Conditions for diving

Most of Jamaica's dive sites are located on the north and west coast of the island. The best points are located on the west coast of Negril.
The coral reef is in the best condition due to the fact that the coast is better protected from winds and sea currents than the northern coast. Every diver or group of divers in Jamaica must go to a diving place with a guide. The diving season in Jamaica actually lasts for a whole year.
The best time for diving is the period from June to September (in May and October the most rainfall occurs). The water should then be calm and unbroken, and the visibility very good.
Remember, however, that the diving season coincides in Jamaica with the beginning of the hurricane season - in August and September, it is so important to track weather forecasts. The water temperature is between 26-29 ° C in summer and 24-26 ° C in winter.

nurkowanie na jamajce
nurkowanie na jamajce

Recently, the Jamaican authorities have been trying to protect their marine ecosystem, especially coral reefs, thanks to which there are more and more fish (for a long time it was a place of very intense fishing and there were widespread opinions that this is not the best point for observing marine nature).

The protected areas include the Montego Bay Marine Park, Negril Marine Park and Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary, whose main purpose, apart from the protection of fish and corals, is to protect the threatened extinction of the tortoiseshell tortoise.
When diving among the reefs, beware of coral flares. They have different colors, but all are covered with white. If by accident we get used to such a coral, it will defend and burn us (the pain lasts from two days to even two weeks after being burned!).

Diving centers

There are various diving centers and clubs in Jamaica. These include Jamaica Scuba Divers Ltd in Falmouth, 3 centers in Montego Bay (Captain's Watersports, Cool Aqua Divers and the other branch of Jamaica Scuba Divers Ltd), 3 centers in Negril (Marine Life Divers, Negril Scuba Divers, Sun Divers), 2 centers in Runaway Bay (Scubacaribe and another branch of Jamaica Scuba Divers Ltd) and a Scubacaribe branch in Ocho Rios.

centra i kluby nurkowe na jamajce


Throne Room

Throne Room is located near Negril. This is one of the most beautiful diving sites. At a depth of 65 meters, we will see wonderful caves. The walls, from top to bottom, are covered with yellow corals. Water in this place is usually very calm.

Wreck Kathryn

A popular wreck is located near Ocho Rios. The ship sank in 1991. It is 140 meters long and is located about 15 meters underwater.

Basket Reef

Basket Reef is a popular dive site in Montego Bay Area. It is a huge collection of coral sponges. 
It is a place often visited by turtles and dolphins.

Runaway Bay

There are two planes here, which in 1970 were used in the transport of cannabis. They are located about 20 meters under water. Beware of numerous turtles and barracuda. It is also worth seeing an ancient anchor resting on about 15 meters.


In Jamaica, seemingly ordinary horse riding takes on a new dimension. The island is famous for its perfect beaches and the beautiful coastline where rides take place.

Guests will have the opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush while crossing the ridge of a horse through the waters of the Caribbean Sea. The route runs not only along the sea, but also through the charming Jamaican villages.
An unforgettable experience for children and adults guaranteed!

Jamaica. Negril, Blue Hole, Rick's Cafe. Black River. Jakes Treasure Beach. YS Falls. Montego Bay - Sandals Resort. Ocho Rios - Chukka - Horseback Ride'N'Swim. 
Jamaica. Negril - 11 kilometers of beach and reggae. Jumping to the natural well in Blue Hole and from the cliffs to the sea at Rick's Cafe. Crocodiles in the Black River and laba in Jakes. Nice ride in YS Falls, or not just waterfalls. All Inclusive in Montego Bay and horse riding in the sea at Ocho Rios.
And all seasoned with reggae music, yeah mon!